How A Low College Freshman GPA Will Affect Your Academic and Career Future

Statistics show that college students earn their lowest grades in the Freshman year. It's important for you to know that those grades will be averaged into the final GPA before graduation from college, and the effect will be a GPA lower than the grades the student earned during years 2, 3, and 4. The final college GPA is critical in determining Graduate School acceptance and other future career opportunities.

Low Freshman Year GPA scores are usually caused by adjustment to the new environment:
Discovering a new campus and the surrounding areas
Associating with new and different personalities and maturity levels
Lots of “free” unstructured time resulting in poor time management
Adapting to college classes, procedures and expectations
Learning a “college language” that Freshman students are not “clued into”
Enormous academic competition from more aggressive students
Stress, worry. homesickness or loneliness
Peer pressure, money, status, friends, fraternity parties, etc.
Being one of the youngest members of campus community
Feeling “left out” and not knowing who to ask for advice

The Freshman year GPA will have a serious impact on your future. Controlling the outcome of the Freshman year GPA will put you on the road to success.

University life is a completely different world from the small nurturing environment that you experienced in high school. No one is there to wake you up, see that you study and do your laundry! Temptations abound, time slips away, academic expectations sneak up on students who have not been independent in high school, and professor’s expectations are completely different from the caring personal attention you received in high school.

Some students are now choosing to work with a “Personal Professor” before and during the first semester of college. In individual one-on-one meetings, your "Personal Professor" will prepare you for college life and teach you how to avoid the Freshman pitfalls.

I think working with a “Personal Professor” is an invaluable opportunity. Some students won’t need this, but your child may feel more secure going off to college, knowing that he or she has the advice and help of their own College Professor who is available to advise and recommend solutions whenever needed.

Please contact Lily Trayes for more information and a recommendation for securing a "Personal Professor".