Prepare For College In The Summer Months Before Senior Year

Are you a High School Senior who is looking forward to the summer before Senior Year to relax on the beach, hang out with friends or sleep all day? If so, you are missing out on a great opportunity to prepare yourself for college. This is the time to face and conquer the reality that lies ahead. In fact, everything that you used to do in the summer is probably not right for THIS summer.

First of all, you need to use these two months to show yourself – not your parents or the college admissions committees - that you are responsible, mature and ready to take on the rigors of college life.

If you start the summer before Senior year to think about yourself and how you participate in your life, you will be one giant step ahead of the game. Because you have taken the time to think things through, you will be able to project your image and personality in your personal essay for colleges, and you will know exactly why you want to attend each college you apply to.

Why now if you still have the Senior year to go before college? The answer is simple. It’s an exercise of the mind for you. You need to feel confident that you are strong and ready for the senior year and all that is going to be required of you.

From the start of the Senior year in high school you will be doing academic work that will be more difficult. The homework will be more demanding than ever before.

In addition, you must:
Get off to a great start in your classes.
Keep up with your sports and clubs in school.
Research colleges that may be a good fit for you.
Fill out the college applications.
Write the college essays.
Meet the college representatives who come to visit your school.
Consider the summer before Senior year as a time for college research. It's the time to hone in on which colleges you will apply to. It's the time to discover which Academic Program each college or university offers that really appeals to you.

What are the names of some of the classes offered in Economics? Are these different than the ones offered in Finance? Will you be joining any of the college organizations and clubs? What are they? Did you know that the Environmental Club at your favorite college is called The Greenies and at another university it is the known as the Earth Concern Club, and at UPenn the Penn Environmental Group is known around campus as the PEG? It helps your college application if you know specifics about each college. Do this kind of online research this summer before the busy school year begins so you will shine on your college applications.

Every day this summer do something to further your college application process. Take it seriously. Consider it a summer assignment or a job. Have a checklist for all the things that need to be done. Proudly check off one or two a week and stay committed to it for the summer. If you do, your summer will lead up to a Senior Year that will be much less stressful leaving time to enjoy your friends, activities and to celebrate your acceptance to the college of your choice!