Forbes List Of Top 25 Colleges for 2011

Before forming Ivy League Placement, I was a Director of College Counseling in both California and New York City. Always tuned into how Colleges are ranked, The Forbes College Ranking list for 2011 was anticipated and of great interest. Usually the top school list started with Harvard, Yale and Princeton, while the list of universities and liberal arts colleges almost always began with Williams, Amherst and Swarthmore.

This year I find the Forbes List of the Best Colleges in the USA to be a refreshing change as it includes a different perspective and some of my favorite choices.

I have visited these Top 25 Colleges. All have their own unique characteristics. Among my favorites is the University of Chicago. My former students all know, if I had my life to live over again, I would attend the University of Chicago and I am pleased it made it into the Forbes List of Top 25 Colleges!

1 Williams College MA
2 Princeton University NJ
3 Amherst College MA
4 US Military Academy NY
6 Stanford University CA
7 Swarthmore College PA
8 Harvard University MA
9 Claremont McKenna College CA
10 Yale University CT
11 US Air Force Academy CO
12 Wellesley College MA
13 Columbia University NY
14 Haverford College PA
15 Wesleyan University CT
16 Whitman College WA
17 Pomona College CA
18 Northwestern University IL
19 California Institute of Technology
20 University of Chicago IL
21 Carleton College MN
22 Harvey Mudd College CA
23 Vassar College NY
24 Centre College KY
25 Rice University TX

via Forbes Magazine