How To Choose A College Roommate

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times
recently wrote an article about how some universities are allowing incoming freshmen to go online to find their future roommate. Students enter in the qualities and preferences they would like to see in their future roommate. This sounds very much like a for freshmen, and Ms. Dowd’s succinct headline is “Don’t Send In the Clones.”

Maureen Dowd goes on to describe her own college roommates and how different they were from each other noting that if you choose a mirror image of yourself for a roommate, it will cut down on creativity and social growth.

Stereotyping closes off many enlightening experiences. College is definitely a time for one to redefine oneself as a young adult instead of a high school student. Social growth will be found by getting to meet students with different ideas, backgrounds, and perspective. The last line of Maureen Down’s article is: “College is not only where you hit the books. It also should be where you learn not to judge a book by its cover.”

Be assured, you will find your kindred spirits in the new college community, so try to learn from those who are not just like your typical best friends.

via Maureen Dowd New York Times Don't Send In The Clones